Barry Kay, internationally acclaimed stage and costume designer, photographer, born 1932 Melbourne Australia, died 1985 London England




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The Barry Kay Archive identifies itself as the patron institution honouring the artistic achievements of the stage & costume designer and photographer Barry Kay. The Archive's primary purpose is to help maintain awareness and encourage appreciation of Kay and his creations. It preserves, conserves and archives his works and represents a model project for digitizing an artistic theatre design estate. With its progressively expanding, illustrated internet presence, it is an invaluable online research facility on Kay's enormous artistic output, serving the academic world as much as the private sector and the humanities at large.

To the best of our knowledge, the Barry Kay Archive is the world's only online archive exclusively dedicated to a singular, internationally distinguished stage and costume designer and his works.

The following links lead to detailed reading about Barry Kay and the Barry Kay Archive.

Line6 Bl_Line1 Barry Kay at costume fitting with Merle Park prior to shooting a stills session himself for the Sunday Times Magazine of Kenneth MacMillan's Isadora premiered by the Royal Ballet Covent Garden London 1981 assistant Michael Werner


Anastasia ¹

one-act version
frontcloth design
Ballet of the Deutsche Oper Berlin

montage & appliqué;
cardboard, paper, photo copies,
balsa wood, wire, gauze;
70.5 x 46 cm; 27.5 x 18.1 ins

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All designs and photographs created by Barry Kay as well as his writings whether displayed on this web domain or in any other form or medium including the design and contents of the online publication of the Barry Kay Archive constitute Intellectual Property and are protected by Copyright and their use for reproduction and publication whatsoever and wheresoever whether commercial or non-commercial is not permitted without prior written consent by the Barry Kay Archive. - Please direct inquiries to the Curator

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