Scenery Set Design for the Ballet MÉTABOLES by Barry Kay, model maquette backdrop x-rays of the human body, mezzotint and lithogrpah, limited edition,Choreography Kenneth MacMillan, Ballet de l'Opéra, Théâtre National Opéra de Paris, Gala Première 1978-NOV-23, Occasion: Soirée MacMillan, Collection Barry Kay Archive



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Mètaboles Scenery Designs

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Set Design

Ballet de l'Opéra
Théâtre National Opéra de Paris
Gala Première 1978/NOV/23

Occasion: Soirée MacMillan

Mezzotint cum Lithograph

five Artist's Proofs, limited editon of 50 prints
on hand-made paper
68 x 90 cm; 25.75 x 35.5 ins

Collection Barry Kay Archive