Barry Kay, internationally acclaimed stage and costume designer, photographer, born 1932 Melbourne Australia, died 1985 London England




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March 2008

This is one of the most comprehensive releases the Barry Kay Archive launched so far, affecting a number of sections and requiring the regrouping of all design indices.


This page highlights the major advances made in the course of consecutive releases of the Barry Kay Archive's online publication - from its inception to the present day. Covered are significant additions and improvements relevant to the purpose of this website.

Pages that have become obsolete, were amalgamated with others, or are subordinate to specific categories are not linked here. Production titles are set in Italic.

Design Summary

The introduction of the Production Design Summary enables viewing productions at a glance on a single page. The index is a compressed alphabetical overview of all productions designed by Barry Kay, including performing companies, venues and opening nights. It is accessible via Design Opus and precedes all other design indices, now rearranged thereunder.



We added six pages for the ballet production of Métaboles. Two pages feature designs for "Scenery" and "Costumes", and four consist of initially projected costume designs, as well as of coiffures, preliminary sketches for the set and its final version in full-screen format.



Over time the Noticeboard became too long to manage the many different subjects it covered on a single page. For clarity we split it into five pages to separately deal with: "News & Announcements", "Progress Bulletin", "Concluded Activities", "Acknowledgments" and "Viewers' Comments".

Matters relating to the Barry Kay Archive's services, in part previously listed under "Noticeboard", have been moved to the "Archive Affairs" at the Archive Plaza.


About Us

The About Us page was completely revised and divided into three different sections: 1. "Synopsis", a brief introduction; 2. about "Barry Kay" as a platform to provide biographic information in prose format that structurally does not match the itemized Biography; and 3. about the history, purpose and objectives of the "Barry Kay Archive".



Through further research we were able to identify that Barry Kay attended the Ecole Internationale de Genève, Switzerland, in the late 1930s. - Previously unbeknown to us, investigations also led us to information about a few more productions he designed in the course of his early career.

Both findings are recorded in the Biography 1932-1955, the latter also in all relevant design indices.



January 2007

Prodution Data

Omnes Alphabetical Index

The Barry Kay Archive established the Omnes Alphabetical Index. As an accompanying directory to the Omnes Chronological Index, it enables search via production titles and provides detailed performance data pertaining to all stage productions designed by Barry Kay. Both indices are accessible via Design Opus.

Information previously contained in the Omnes Chronological Index has been condensed to a minimum. Instead, each index entry now provides a link to the corresponding entry in the Omnes Alphabetical Index, where all additional data were placed.


November 2006

New Layout


As a matter of practicability to effectively display constantly increasing image and text contents on the site we concluded to abandon the overall centred layout in favour of streamlining all pages flush with margins wherever possible. Having decided to structure our website design without the use of frames in our HTML scripts, mainly because most web crawlers ignore them, we had to attend to each page separately to implement the changes.

In the course of this work we also created a Portal preceding Home.



August 2006


Barry Kay - his professional life

At long last, after more than five years of the Barry Kay Archive's online presence, we released an extensive itemized Biography about Barry Kay. Compiling the data has taken about the same time. Incomplete and missing information on Kay and his work required primary sources to be thoroughly researched, double-checked and in some cases counter-verified via other sources.

The Biography consists of five pages. The first one consists of "Abstract & Summaries", the four following ones, spanning well over three decades of Kay's working life, record year-by-year engagements and assignments. To keep the pages as compact as possible, bibliographic notes were placed in the margins, anecdotal details and accounts of oral history in the footnotes.

Despite all the research conducted to date, far too many attempts yielded no results, still leaving information gaps on Barry Kay's earlier professional involvements. For as long as these gaps remain, the Biography cannot be be considered complete. To help us close them, we are also relying on those who knew Kay to share with us any information they may hold. - See also our Appeal.



Gift Cards

To draw attention to a selection of Gift Cards for sale, featuring some of Barry Kay's designs and photographs, we produced an illustrated index itemizing all cards available.


May - June 2005

Interim release - diverse additions

Information newly-gained in the course of data research for a biography about Barry Kay was distributed on existing or specially created pages, as follows.



The addition of Solitaire constitutes the beginning of a further series of design tableaux. For the time being we set up the page "Reviews", where a development sequence of the set design can be viewed, including a full-screen image of the maquette.


Notes & Texts

The article "Barry Kay and his Approach to Stage Design - Characteristics and Achievements" was added to Notes & Texts.


Varied Designs

The alphabetical index Varied Designs was introduced to accommodate designs for productions other than the ballet, the drama and the opera.


Archive Plaza

To reduce the overflow on the "Noticeboard" we established the Archive Plaza, dealing with "Archive Affairs", such as the services we offer, acquisitions, sales, donations etc.



First complete illustrated production tableaux

October 2004

The main feature of this edition comprised a completed set of illustrated production rableaux. A number of new pages were also added to cover a range of diverse issues and subjects.


Cunning Little Vixen

In all, eighteen pages were devoted to the opera The Cunning Little Vixen. Five pages encompass "Stage", "Costumes", "Scenery", "Reflections" and "Synopsis", and thirteen consist of close-up and full-screen images. Considering this section complete, it represents the exemplar of how all other productions pages will eventually be structured - pending availability of designs, stage shots and production data.


The Prisoners

Two pages for the ballet The Prisoners were established, making a start with the still incomplete "Stage" page and a full-screen image of a set design.



In order to treat a variety of subjects under one heading we renamed "Testimonials" to Homage, placing a "Tribute" to Barry Kay and retaining the previously published "Obituary" and "Testimonial".


Notes & Texts

Notes & Texts was introduced to deal with articles relating to designing and staging of productions and, in time, to publish Barry Kay's own notes. This release included the essays "Constructed Sets" and "Isadora Dances Again"


Ex Operibus

We created Ex Operibus as a venue to display a selection of designs for the theatre, peripherally related graphics and objets d'art by other artists, most of them available for purchase.



To improve on-screen readability of body copy we switched from a serif to sans-serif typeface throughout all pages.



April 2004

Multiple-page website

In this extensively expanded publication we introduced basic alphabetical and chronological indices - the foundation to accessing Barry Kay's design and photographic works, and production data.


Design Opus

Installed were three alpabetical design indices for the Ballet, the Drama and the Opera. and the Omnes Chronoligical Index, encompassing Kay's entire design opus.


Photography Opus

Two pages for Photography were established - a chronological index and Kay's photographic documentary of The Other Women, As a Woman and Die anderen Frauen, accompanied by his introduction to the subject.


Costume Designs

To complement the previously installed page of Set Designs for the ballet and the opera we added Costume Designs for the ballet. Both pages are considered an interim solution until the images shown can be transferred to their relevant individual production tableaux once they are completed.



To provide a space for news, announcements and acknowledgements, and for the Archive's activities and services, we created the Noticeboard.



An "Obituary" about Barry Kay was added to "Testimonials".



About Us
Design Opus
Photography Opus
Notes & Texts
Ex Operibus
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Archive Plaza
Site Map

February 2004

Design & Logo

Four-page website

Bearing in mind that laterally arranged multiple text columns are inapt for online scroll-down reading - as was the case with our first single-page website - in this four-page release we presented a different design concept altogether, allowing for vertical reading. On this occasion we introduced the Barry Kay Archive's logo, showing Barry Kay as its distinctive feature, and established the pages "Home", "About Us", "Testimonials" and "Set Designs" for the ballet and the opera.


1999 - 2003

Basic Information

Single-page website

December 1999: The Barry Kay Archive placed its first publication on the internet. It was a single-page website launched with a standard service provider, consisting of a brief introduction with a portrait photograph of Barry Kay, a testimonial and a stage shot of The Sleeping Beauty.

May 2003: We registered the Archive with ICANN, primarily to secure the domain name on the World Wide Web as a place holder until we were ready to progress any further.

July 2003: The single-page website was transferred to our registered web domain. While we spent time reflecting on how best to develop the website to appropriately accommodate Kay's vast artistic output, more scenery designs were intermittently added.


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Did you know Barry Kay?

The Barry Kay Archive needs your help! To assist us in completing the itemized online Biography, consisting of Barry Kay's chronological professional development and activities, we would welcome to learn of any additional information you could provide, particularly so for the years prior to 1967. We are interested in professional engagements as well as social contacts Kay may have had in Australia, Switzerland, France, England and Austria. Should you wish to contribute in this respect, please contact the Curator. - back to text

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