Barry Kay, internationally acclaimed stage and costume designer, photographer, born 1932 Melbourne Australia, died 1985 London England




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Design Opus


Alphabetical Indices

Production Design Summary


Anastasia, 1-act version
Anastasia, 3-act version
Bal de la Victoire
Cain and Abel
Don Quixote, Stage
Don Quixote, Movie
Four Seasons
Frankie and Johnny
Images of Love
Isadora Solos
Jacaranda Town
Miss Julie
Rake's Progress ¹
Raymonda, Act III
Soft Sorrow
Sleeping Beauty
Solitaire pas de deux
Sound Barrier
Swan Lake, Act II

Detailed Production Data


Dance of Death
Measure for Measure
No Why
Summer of the Seventeenth Doll
Taming of the Shrew
Thieves' Carnival


Cunning Little Vixen
Meistersingers of Nuremberg
Mirrors of the Truth
Peter Grimes
Tell-Tale Heart
Unicorn, Gorgon and Manticore ²

Varied Designs

Glass Slipper

¹ ) the designs could have been intended
¹ ) for the opera of same name
² ) this production covers ballet as well

Chronological Indices

Entire Design Opus contains abridged production data

Auxiliary Designs related to the theatre


Costume Designs for the Ballet

Set Designs for Ballet and Opera

Ex Operibus works of art by other artist, mainly theatre-related

The installation of both the sections Costume Designs and Set Designs, immediately following the design indices, is a temporary measure to give the viewer the opportunity of sampling a few of Kay's costume and set designs while this website is in the process of expansion. As soon as each production is allocated its own page(s), images currently displayed on the Costumes and Sets pages shall be moved to their appropriate new locations and be replaced by others not as yet ready for relocating. Eventually, all productions will be accessible via their relevant index. Upon the completion of all individual production pages the Costumes and Sets pages will be removed.

The pages for The Cunning Little Vixen - five in all, plus a number of zoom-in tableaux - are now complete and are an indication of the intended final structure and presentation of individual productions.

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Photographic Opus


Chronological Index


Tree House
Covent Garden Market
As a Woman - The Other Women - Die anderen Frauen
Tea and Sugar Train
Nederlandse Opera
Changing Bodies


As a Woman

Barry Kay's introduction to the English, American and Australian editions of As a Woman and The Other Women, a sicio-anthropological documentary about Sydney's unique transvestite and transsexual community, interspersed with a selection of photographs featuring in these publications.

The German translation of Die anderen Frauen and further photographic images shall be added at a later stage.

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Text Pages


About Us

About Us consists of three pages making available 1) a Synopsis, 2) an outline of Barry Kay's formative years, his career progression and his ideals in pursuit of theatre design and photography, and 3) the history, purpose and objectives of the Barry Kay Archive.


The Biography about Barry Kay is divided into five sections: one page of Abstact & Summaries followed by four pages of his professional career. The Archive is very interested in further data about Kay's professional and social engagements prior to 1967. Any contributions are most welcome and can be directed to the Curator.


So far, the Homage section consists of an Obituary, Kenneth MacMillan's Tribute to Barry Kay and Clement Crip's Testimonial. Texts of similar nature shall be added from time to time.

Notes & Texts

The Notes & Texts category contains essays and articles related to stage and costume design, or to the theatre generally. Barry Kay's own notes as well as further texts by other authors shall be added eventually. Currently, there are three essays in place: Barry Kay and his Approach to Stage Design, Constructed Sets and Isadora Dances Again. Critics' reviews are placed in the corresponding production tableaux, e.g. Solitaire Reviews.


The Noticeboard is divided into several pages and constitutes an information platform providing for news and announcements, the Archive's major activities, our progress concerning the expansion of this website, and the placement of acknowledgements. It further contains sections addressing technical problems with this site and viewers' queries and comments. If found to be of general interest, comments by viewers may be posted here as well.

Archive Plaza

The Archive Plaza, a resource exchange forum and mart, informs of the Archive's services, some of them chargeable. Included are, among others, research, design authentication, usage and/or publication of Barry Kay's works, copyright issues, as well as Archive access, viewing of Kay's works, sales and re-acquisitions of his designs and photographic book publications. A collection of Gift Cards featuring some of his designs and photographs are also offered for sale.

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Navigation and Access


As this web domain is in a progressive process of expansion, not all hyperlinks are activated as yet. Grey-coloured links and white production titles in the alphabetical and chronological indices will remain inactive until the pages to which they will eventually lead have been set up. White production and subject titles in the hyperlinks columns denote 'currently open pages' and are, therefore, disabled.

To leave an internally linked page, please use the installed back button or your browser's back button. To leave an externally linked site, simply close that page.

A search engine may get installed at a later stage.

About Us
Design Opus
Photography Opus
Notes & Texts
Ex Operibus
Archive Plaza
Site Map

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All indices are arranged according to genre and are accessible via Design Opus and via Photography Opus respectively, each one listing index categories, which are linked to their individual pages.

All index tables are arranged in the same consecutive order as shown in the links column in the left margin; index-linking access arrows at the bottom of all index pages follow the same order.

Within Indices

Each index contains a subindex of productions titles in the left margin; they are linked to their corresponding entries in the table on the same page.

To Subindices

Thumbnail images, marginal arrows and linked text or production titles in any of the category (genre) index tables will either lead to full-screen images or to completed production pages.

Within Subindices

Production pages constitute subindices to their corresponding genre category indices. The links column in the left margin lists the production title, followed by itemized links leading to further internal production pages.

All production pages are arranged in a cycle each; the last tableau is linked back to the first one. Exiting such cycle entirely, or accessing other categories, is only possible via the links columns in the left margin.

In line with the navigation pattern of indices and apart from linked production titles, some images, marginal arrows and text lines are also linked to detailed full-screen images

General Structure

Some other sections consisting of several pages, such as Biography, Homage, Notes & Texts and the Photography Opus, are structured in cycles in the same way as are production pages described above.

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