Barry Kay, internationally acclaimed stage and costume designer, photographer, born 1932 Melbourne Australia, died 1985 London England




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Barry Kay

Stage and Costume Designer

Internationally renowned artist, who worked for major opera houses and ballet companies worldwide.

Photographic career primarily focussing on socio-anthropological subjects and the performing arts.

Born 1932 in Melbourne - Australia
Died 1985 in London - England


Archive Contents

The online Barry Kay Archive displays:

Designs by Barry Kay, covering a wide spectrum of the performing arts, including ballet, comedy, drama, opera and revue as well as film.

Kay's photographic works, consisting of performing arts features and socio-anthropological documentaries.

Biographic data, interviews, reviews, tributes, articles, letters, Kay's own notes and other theatre-related documentation.

Ex operibus designs for the theatre, peripheral graphics and objets d'art.




Institutional member of SIBMAS, Société Internationale des Bibliothèques et des Musées des Arts du Spectacle / International Association of Libraries and Museums of the Performing Arts.


Member of APAG, Association of Performing Arts Collections in the UK and Ireland; affiliate of SIBMAS.

Indexed by the National Register of Archives and included in the ARCHON Directory (ARCHives ONline) of record repositories in the UK.


National Library of Australia identified the Barry Kay Archive for conserving, preserving and archiving Kay's creations, as well as for providing public online access to them. As a result, the online publication of the Barry Kay Archive is retained in the Library's database of PANDORA (Preserving and Accessing Networked Documentary Resources of Australia), Australia's Web Archive, to provide independent public access to it in perpetuity.

Please consult the Barry Kay Archive's Noticeboard to read more about this groundbreaking news.

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Archive Affairs

Information about physical access to the Barry Kay Archive and the services we provide can be found at the Archive Plaza.


Gift Cards

The Barry Kay Archive proudly presents a range of exclusive Gift Cards available for sale, picturing stage and costume designs by Barry Kay as well as a selection of his own photographs. Discerning connoisseurs of theatre art, design and photography will appreciate these cards - not obtainable anywhere else.

To access illustrations of the Gift Cards, or to place an order, please visit the Archive Plaza or go directly to the Gift Cards Collection.


New Publication

Apart from frequent minor updates, the web domain of the Barry Kay Archive is under a continuous process of expansion. Releases will be launched at greater intervals.

Site visitors who wish to get informed of new online publication releases can subscribe via e-mail to New Release Info.

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Copyright Notice

All designs and photographs created by Barry Kay as well as his writings whether displayed on this web domain or in any other form or medium including the design and contents of the online publication of the Barry Kay Archive constitute Intellectual Property and are protected by Copyright and their use for reproduction and publication whatsoever and wheresoever whether commercial or non-commercial is not permitted without prior written consent by the Barry Kay Archive. - Please direct inquiries to the Curator.


The Barry Kay Archive is a non-profit-oriented organization. The contents of its electronic publication is solely intended for the purpose of information and education. Text quotes and images by third parties displayed on this website only serve to elucidate Barry Kay's work, or to place his ideas and designs into the perspective of their analogues on stage. While credit is given wherever possible, objections to the use of such text quotes and images should be directed to the Curator. - The Barry Kay Archive is not responsible for the contents of external internet sites and for broken links.

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