Barry Kay, internationally acclaimed stage and costume designer, photographer, born 1932 Melbourne Australia, died 1985 London England

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'Chaganog', Revue, set and costumes designed by Barry Kay; directed by Alfred Rodrigues; Première 3 December 1964, Vaudeville Theatre, London; stage shot photo depicting Vivienne Martin as 'La Dame au Caramel' and George Ogilvie; following its original season at the Vaudeville Theatre with its one leading lady played by Patsy Rowlands, 'Chaganog' reappeared briefly at the St. Martin's Theatre in London in April 1965, when Vivienne Martin took over


Revue, including dance and mime

Assignment: Scenery / Costumes

Selected cast
Vaudeville Theatre, London [1]
First Night 3 December 1964

Theatre Royal, Brighton
First Night 1 March 1965

St. Martin's Theatre, London
First Night April 1965 [day?]

Alfred Rodrigues, direction

Vivienne Martin as La Dame au Caramel and George Ogilvie; Brighton staging; costumes by Barry Kay



Unidentified Set or Front Cloth Design Barry Kay, brush drawing, signed, dated 1954, possibly intended for a production staged by The Union Theatre Repertory Company (UTRC; now Melbourne Theatre Company, MTC); Union Theatre, Melbourne University

Circus Polka

Ballet for fifty elephants and fifty human dancers

Assignment: Scenery / Costumes [?]

Union Theatre Repertory Company [?]
(UTRC; now Melbourne Theatre Company, MTC)
Union Theatre, Melbourne University [?]
Performance date [?] [2]

Front cloth   XXL



The Glass Slipper

Fairy tale with dance, musical fantasy

Assignment: Character Costumes [3]
(ballet costumes Ann Church; scenery Hugh Stevenson)

Carroll-Fuller Theatres Pty Ltd
in conjunction with
The National Theatre Movement of Australia;
National Theatre Ballet Company and Rex Reid
Princess Theatre, Melbourne
Première 10 December 1949

Joyce Graeme, choreography; Garnet H Carroll, direction
photo: National Library of Australia

Joyce Graeme as Zany, the clown character; costume by Barry Kay


Setting for 'A Mendelssohn Soirée' designed by Barry Kay; English Opera Group Ensemble; Workman's Hall, Thorpeness, Suffolk; Aldeburgh Festival of Music and the Arts; Opening night 25 June 1960

A Mendelssohn Soirée

Vocal-orchestral recital

Assignment: Setting / Costumes

English Opera Group Ensemble
Workman's Hall, Thorpeness, Suffolk
Aldeburgh Festival of Music and the Arts
Opening night 25 June 1960

Colin Graham, production and direction

Setting, drawing



A PURCELL CABARET; devised by Raymond Leppard and Colin Graham; an entertainment, medley; a vocal for soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, base; English Opera Group Ensemble; Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Suffolk; Aldeburgh Festival of Music and the Arts; Première 1959

A Purcell Cabaret

Musical entertainment [4]

Assignment: Setting ¹ / Costumes

English Opera Group Ensemble
Workman's Hall, Thorpeness, Suffolk
Aldeburgh Festival of Music and the Arts
Opening Night 27 June 1959; season 19-28 June 1959

Raymond Leppard, idea; Colin Graham, direction

¹ décor for a performance rostrum

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Costume designs for three muses   XL



The revue Chaganog takes its name from its two instigators, the actors Julian Chagrin and George Ogilvie – "Chag-an'-Og". Initially directed by Braham Murray, it premièred first as the official late-night show of the Edinburgh Festival at the King's Theatre on 17 November 1964. According to Chagrin, the show took place against black drapes with props made by himself and costumes done by his wife. As the revue was not a success, its producer, Peter Bridge, decided to bring in the director Alfred Rodrigues to revamp it and put it on in the London West End after a provincial tour. Rodriguez in turn commissioned Barry Kay to provide costumes and scenery. It is this version that was presented at the Vaudeville Theatre, London, on 3 December 1964, and at other venues thereafter. >> back to Chaganog


Shown above is a black & white photograph of a brush drawing. The original (whereabouts unknown) is signed by Barry Kay and dated 1956. The photograph's verso stamp reads: 'Visual Aids Department, University of Melbourne.' Without further information, it remains unclear if the design was a study project or intended for a staging by the Union Theatre Repertory Company (unlikely, considering the fifty elephants). It is also not known whether Kay's untitled depiction is based on the Balanchine-Stravinsky ballet from 1942. See also here. >> back to Circus Polka


Created at the age of 17, the costumes most likely represent Barry Kay's first-ever designs for the performing arts. >> back to The Glass Slipper


An 'entertainment medley' with music by Henry Purcell for five voices and narration, devised by Raymond Leppard (harpsichord) and Colin Graham (direction). >> back to Purcell Cabaret


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