Scenery design by Barry Kay for MIRRORS OF THE TRUTH, actual stage setting photographed by Kay, set in a London metro station; multimedia one-act opera by Ian McQueen; direction regie Jan Bouws; De Nederlandse Opera Stichting, now Nederlandse Opera; Holland Festival 1982; discipline Muziektheater; Première Het HOT Theater, Den Haag, 's-Gravenhage, The Hague, 12 June 1982; First Night Festival Stage, Frankendael Park, Amsterdam, 17 June 1982

photo Barry Kay © Michael Werner

Mirrors of the Truth

Design Summary
   Mirrors of the Truth
      Mirrors of the Truth, set

Actual stage setting

Multimedia one-act opera by Ian McQueen
Poems by Claire L van Kampen

De Nederlandse Opera Stichting (now: De Nederlandse Opera)
Holland Festival 1982, discipline 'Muziektheater'
Première 12 June 1982, Het HOT Theater, Den Haag
First night 17 June 1982, Festival Stage, Frankendael Park, Amsterdam

Plot: A girl, deeply in love with a male pop star, discovers that he is in in love with a baseball player.

Barry Kay set the action in a London metro station studded with loudspeakers, amplifying electro-acoustics on stage. The photograph above is one of a series of performance shots taken by Kay himself.

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