Costume Designs – preview


Once individual production pages have been established. the costume designs shown here will be reassigned to them and replaced with others awaiting their eventual relocation.

Costume design for Seashore Visitors at Zandvoort aan Zee

Laura Connor as Loïe Fuller in the Butterfly Dance
The Royal Ballet Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
World Première 30 April 1981

Costume designs

for Merle Park as Isadora

Tango dancer

Paris Nightclub dancer

costume fabric log

Costume designs for Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn
Western Theatre Ballet
Theatre Royal, Bath Festival of the Arts
Première 9 June 1964

The Four Seasons Les Quatre Saisons Costume design for an Angel symbolizing Autumn (<<) Bacchus with Graces and Seleni (<) Ballet de l’Opéra Théâtre National Opéra de Paris Gala Première 23 November 1978

Costume design for Jennifer Clulow as Esther Magneau

Don Quixote
Costume designs for Dulcinea, Act II, scene 2 (<<)
A Dryad, Act ?, Scene ? (<)
The Australian Ballet Movie production Sydney Opera House
Gala World Première 23 July 1973