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Stephanie and Claire Martin 17 July 2023

Good afternoon!

My name is Stephanie and I have a 9 year old daughter, claire, who absolutely loves all things theatre and film! Claire came across this page recently, and has been loving exploring these sites! She goes to a theatre club three times a week in the summer and the directors have been such an inspiration to her. She runs home to look for new resources after her sessions quite often (I wish she did this with Math lol.) Anyway, this collection has been such a fun find for her – thank you so much for sharing!

Claire also came across an article FULL of virtual theatre experiences the she thinks would be a great addition to your page. I am so proud of her for having idea to share this with you and I was thrilled to send it along (proud mom moment!!) Here it is:

It would make Claire’s day knowing this would be helpful to others out there! I have a meeting with Mr. Mosby and Ms. Klein (Claire’s theatre directors) on Thursday and I would love to show them that she made a contribution to your page. I know it would really brighten up their days 🙂

Have a wonderful day.

Sarah Jackson 31 October 2022

My name is Mrs. Jackson and I just wanted to let you know Barry Kay Archive’s resource page was a big help to my son Blake! …Blake is part of his school’s Drama Club and right now they’re in full swing for their holiday production of A Christmas Carol. Blake is part of the production and costume departments and the club’s director asked them to do some research on creating their own costumes. Your webpage led us to some great theater sites to check out, so Blake requested I reach out and let you know how much you’ve helped us 🙂

As a thank you, Blake asked that I pass along this historical clothing/costume guide he found. It covers lots of periods in history and even has a section with information on topics like theater terminology, stage design, lighting, costume make up, and more…

Blake was very excited to share it with you! He thought you would appreciate all the theater information! Will you let me know if you’re able to include it for him on your page? I’d love to show Blake and his Drama Club director! It’s always nice getting some recognition for a job well done, and I know Blake would be delighted to see he could help other theater lovers! He absolutely loves this club and is so enthusiastic about it! They all meet on Wednesday after school, if you get a chance to add it by then! Thanks again for the help!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hélène Ciolkovitch 22 October 2013

I have just been surfing the Barry Kay Archive site. It is impressive and very beautifully done. Thank you for perpetuating Barry Kay’s memory.

Dance Historian

Ian McQueen 29 January 2012

The Barry Kay Archive’s website: What a wonderful resource of Barry’s work!

Composer of Mirrors of the Truth

Ignacio Andréu & Dana Eisfeld16 March 2009

We are very excited about publishing a portfolio of Barry Kay’s work. [As a Woman]

Executive Editor & Assistant Editor
C International Photo Magazine
Ivorypress, London & Madrid

Delphine Pinasa3 February 2009

I was very surprised to find out about the Barry Kay Archive’s most interesting collection and its vast volume. All this represents an enormous tribute to the history of the performing arts.

Directrice Déléguée, since 2011 Directrice
Centre national du costume de scène et de la scénographie
Moulins, France

Dr Daro Montag28 November 2008

Barry’s drawings that you have put on the website are an excellent teaching tool. It is really good to see both the preliminary sketches and the finished designs. The students think his work is stunning.

Associate Professor of Art & Environment
University College Falmouth
Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

Janine Barrand30 September 2008

It was great to meet you and hear about the wonderful work you are doing in preserving and providing access to Barry Kay’s important legacy.

Collections, Research & Exhibitions
the Arts Centre
Melbourne, Australia

Francis Reid16 September 2008

It is a great pleasure to know that Barry’s talents are being preserved for posterity.

Lighting Designer
Lecturer, Writer & Adviser on Theatre Design & Technology
Norwich, UK

Dr Robert Bell14 May 2008

As you would undoubtedly know, the National Gallery of Australia holds a number of works by Barry Kay in its Australian Theatre Arts collection, in recognition of his important and influential work as a designer for the theatre.

Senior Curator Decorative Arts and Design
National Gallery of Australia
Parkes, Canberra, ACT

Erin McMahon10 April 2008

It is a beautiful website befitting such an amazing designer.

Marketing Manger
Palais Theatre Management Pty Ltd
St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia

David Vigo8 April 2008

What wonderful work. The biography is splendid. It is fascinating to read about all that work Barry did over those years.

Arts and Music Impresario
Hocking & Vigo Pty Ltd
Melbourne, Australia

Arnold Wengrow30 March 2008

I like your new website.

Professor Emeritus of Drama
University of North Carolina
Asheville, NC, USA

Diana Woollard28 December 2007

In August, I gave a talk to some final-year university students at the Australian Theatre Collection. The designs shown on the Barry Kay Archive’s website really stood out from the rest of the Collection’s material. It looked really good and seemed to interest the students who asked a lot of questions about Barry.

Curatorial Assistant
National Gallery of Australia
Australian and International Theatre Arts
Parkes, Canberra, ACT

Dr Daro Montag24 September 2007

The Barry Kay Archive website looks great.

Associate Professor of Art & Environment
University College Falmouth
Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

National Library of Australia – Russell Latham11 December 2006

Thank you for granting the National Library of Australia a copyright licence on 21st November to include the Barry Kay Archive in the PANDORA Archive. This licence permits the Library to copy your publication into the Archive and to retain it and provide online public access to it in perpetuity. – I am delighted to inform you that your publication, Barry Kay Archive, is now publicly available in the PANDORA Archive and can be accessed from this link:

National Library of Australia
PANDORA – Australia’s Web Archive
Canberra, ACT, Australia

Margot Vaughan16 August 2006

I am delighted that the website has come up so well. Very interesting and informative. I especially love the bit about Barry going to Europe without the broom… Fathers!

Associate Curator of Collections
Wesley College
Melbourne, Australia

Frank van Straten OAM28 July 2006

I am certainly aware of your wonderful website and have been looking forward to the inclusion of biographical material.

Theatre Historian
Author of one hundred short biographies about Australian theatre artists
Live Performance Australia – Virtual Hall of Fame
Melbourne, Australia

Bettina Raeder9 June 2006

Your homepage is most informative and fantastic.

Press Office
Deutsche Oper Berlin
Berlin, Germany

Clifford Hocking AM10 June 2004

The Barry Kay Archive website is looking sensationally good.

Arts and Music Impresario
Clifford Hocking Enterprises Pty Ltd
Melbourne, Australia

Dr Jakob Knaus16 November 2004

Now I have had a look at your pages for The Cunning Little Vixen. Their assembly seems to have progressed relatively fast. The images are excellent and clear in every detail. Most absorbing are the set designs.

Leoš Janáček Society
Uetikon am See, Switzerland

Andreas Mage24 October 2004

The layout of your web page is a splendid example of how little is required to achieve a tremendous amount. Not only does it render the page user-friendly, but it also imparts to it its very own aesthetics and thus its personal flair which, I feel, is the only way of making it interesting and lively!

American Samoa
South Pacific Ocean

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