Magazine Portfolio

Portrait of Lisa

Portraits of Paula and Sue

Portrait of Stan Munro

Web screen snapshots of C International Photo Magazine, Edition 9, September 2009, featuring a portfolio of altogether ten portraits by Barry Kay, selected from his socio-anthropological documentary As a Woman / The Other Women / Die anderen Frauen, which he created during the years 1974 and 1975; published in 1976.

C International Photo Magazine is considered the world’s most exquisite publication of contemporary photography, “aiming to promote debate and creativity […] unlimited by cultural, geographical or thematic boundaries”. Initiated by the founder of Ivorypress, Elena Ochoa Foster, the magazine is published twice annually. As a hardback cover publication comprising 300 pages, it is presented in two different editions – English/Chinese and Spanish/Japanese. Distribution by subscription and to selected book stores worldwide.

Snapshots courtesy C International Photo Magazine