Socio-anthropological documentary
Subject: Social sciences; humanities; character studies; socially lower strata stereotypes; Australians of European descent

Created: 1974-1977

Ocker is an Australian vernacular – used as noun, adverb and adjective alike – signifying the most basic characteristics and demeanour of socially lower strata, stereotype Australians of European descent. The Ocker is part of both the nation’s social history and presence and contributes a healthy earthiness to the fabric of Australian society. It is this aspect that Kay is bringing across in his series of photographs¹, which are, in Australian parlance – truly ocker.

In the widest sense, the nearest equivalent to Ocker would possibly be the London Cockney with its intrinsic values, language and peculiarities.

Executed in monochrome and colour

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¹) The photograph to the left is part of Changing Bodies [ibid]